Halloween stories...

The Sand
In the darkness of the night, while all humans were fast asleep, an unique event was bound to happen. From the deep corners of space, a strange shaped comet, non-detected by any satellite, entered our planet and disintegrated into thousands of pieces that spread throughout the atmosphere. These little pieces shined like stars and that night there was “yellow rain”, which was amazing to see and experience but, as you will see, you will wish this had never happened.
The problem is that these little pieces, or as we call it now “The Sand”, brought an epidemic virus that infects all dead tissues, bringing them back to life. So as you can predict it awakened “the dead”, however it did not bring their memories, their feelings, their knowledge back, only their survival instinct, in other words, “eat to live”.
That night was the beginning of the end of humanity, in only a few days, these zombies killed and ate the species that existed in the highest numbers, which means “us”, and the people that died in this zombie attack would spread till it consumed all the living tissues. If nothing was done, it would be the end.
In an attempt to save humanity, many teams were made to locate, find and bring the core of the comet, that was so dense and it had not disintegrated, in order to investigate the origin of the virus. They all failed. Human kind was lost…
But a man did not give up. He began a journey to find the core, he was carrying all of humanity’s future on his shoulders and he wouldn’t stop till he did it or died. But do you know what? He did find it but while he was coming back, a wave of zombies that had followed him surrounded him and were about to kill him when he had an idea.
He put the comet in his bag, he cut off his arm and attached it to a tree branch that he would carry in his neck so that the arm was in front of him and he killed himself. The wave of zombies lost interest they had in him and dispersed.
Later he became a zombie and followed the arm in front of him, humans found him and the virus was cured. In a twist of events, humanity was saved.
José Ribeiro, 12.º C
Pedro Morais, 12.º C
Rafael Machado, 12.º C

Bloodthirsty Serial Killer
The police are too late. The dismembered mangled bodies of the thirteen victims lie scattered in a London warehouse as the putrid stench of death fills the city. This has been going on for far too long. London is being plagued by a relentless bloodthirsty serial killer. Some say the police are just as terrified as the rest of us, and after all the investigations, they still have nothing to rely on but survivors in catatonic state.
 Rumors speak of screeches of agony in the distance, and the faint sound of a chainsaw. People are too scared to talk openly about the killings. Even Piers Morgan from CNN is having a hard time getting a decent interview. No wonder. Times like these are spawning grounds for irrational superstitious thoughts and “witch hunts”, where people wrongfully accuse each other of being the killer.
Scotland Yard senior detective Horatio Caine is in charge of finding out who is responsible for these heinous actions. Detective Caine, after dropping one of those one-liners of his, which are almost as vicious as the murders themselves, decides to follow up on a lead on this case which took him to a small town on the outskirts of London.
Horatio conducted an enquiry on the townsfolk and was led to an abandoned house. This house had been long forgotten, cursed into oblivion, but he happened to come across a journal, hidden in one of the decrepit shelves in the basement. It spoke of the unspeakable. It seems a happy family lived here, long ago, in this very house. But one day, one of the children turned evil and eventually ended up burning the bedrooms while his family was asleep. There were no survivors but the little evil brat.
Detective Caine asked several people if perhaps they knew the whereabouts of this child, concluding he would most likely be the relentless serial killer, but nobody seemed to possess any knowledge on the matter at hand. The journal had been written by the killer himself, and it was signed “Jason Voorheer”.
Detective Caine decides to ask the grave keeper, since he has the oldest family in this town, perhaps he knew something about this name. The grave keeper pointed to an old grave. The tombstone read “Jason Voorheer”. Caine uncovered the casket and proceeded to opening it. It was empty. Helpless screeches of agony echo through the cold dark fog as the faint sound of a revving chainsaw causes goose bumps on the skin of the fearful.
Pedro Magalhães, 12.º C
Albano Pinto, 12.º C

Halloween Drag
Once upon a time, on a dark, dark night, two friends went for a walk in a graveyard. It was Halloween and they had lost a bet so they had to pick a grave and open it. A cold wind was blowing and the sky was invisible behind the fog. The boys were shivering and terrified, although they wouldn’t admit it.
In the air there was a sound of silence creeping through the trees and nature was uncommonly calm and quiet. They chose the first grave and hurried to open it. As they were doing it, a cold wet hand grabbed the ankle of one of the boys and his scream echoed through the empty tombstones. The hand kept pulling the boy down until he fell right into the grave and magically the stone closed itself. The other boy could hear his friend screaming and hitting the stone violently.
He ran away immediately to search for help and came back accompanied by a night guard. They opened the grave quickly only to find that no one was in there, at least no one alive. The grave was full of yellow bones and bloody clothes. They searched and searched and searched, but they found nothing. The night guard thought the boy was pranking him and told him to go home.
As the boy was arriving home, he heard the sound of leaves being crushed, so he looked back. Skinny pale eyes were staring at him, it was his friend. No one, not even a person, heard the cry for help that the boy creamed out as he was being dragged along the street and into the grave in the cemetery where the two boys were trapped forever.
It is known that every Halloween, the two boys walk around the cemetery ready to kill anyone who steps in there at night.
Joana Adrega, 12.º C
Ana Olival, 12.º C

The Bloody Revenge
            Everybody was excited about that party. The whole village of Bloodytown talked about it. It was the highest moment for all the high school students or for almost all students, the creeps and nerds were never invited. Lori, who was a beautiful and popular cheerleader, organized a memorable Halloween party in a private and abandoned propriety.
Lori and her friends, Andrea and Maggie, were the type of skinny girls every boy wanted and every girl was jealous of. Helping Lori organize the party, besides her best friends, were a bunch of rich football players, including Daryl. Daryl was in love with Michone, one of the rich smart popular girls that helped everyone.
Finally it was the 31st of October and when the school bell rang, everybody was thinking about that party. By 10pm people started to arrive at the abandoned house. Everything was prepared to perfection. There was lots of food and drinks, horror environment and loud music. Everyone was wearing a costume, a lot were dancing, some were already drunk and Lori was enjoying her popularity. When Daryl and Michone arrived they felt that something was wrong but they were focused on having fun.
Suddenly after midnight the music stopped and a scream was heard. There was a strange liquid dropping from the ceiling and Lori as the organizer ran upstairs. Daryl and Michone immediately followed her. As the lights started flickering and the screams were louder, everyone, including the tough football players, left the house.
When they reached the second floor, Daryl and Michone soon lost track of Lori and saw an opened door with blood and blonde hair. Michone started to freak out and Daryl tried to calm her down and went in to see what happened in that room. He was petrified. Andrea was dead with a knife in her neck and Lori was hanging upside down with a cut in her belly. The blood that was dripping made a stain on the floor. She was to die slowly and painfully.
Daryl ran to her and cut her free. At that moment the door closed and Daryl saw Carl, one of the nerds neglected by Lori and the other popular girls, appeared with a knife in his hand. Michone heard the struggling sounds and when the door opened, thinking Daryl would come out, she ran to the door and froze when she saw Carl with the bloody knife.
A rush of adrenaline passed through her brain and she started to run downstairs. She grabbed a phone and called the police. Carl followed her but she hid in the basement. Willing to kill Daryl, Carl returned to the room upstairs and didn’t notice that Michone was right behind him and attacked him with a stick and made him lose his senses. The she ran to see how Daryl was and found him with multiple stab wounds. A few moments later the police arrived and sent Daryl and Lori directly to the hospital and arrested Carl.
 Later they found out that Carl was in love with Lori and committed suicide in prison. Daryl and Michone got a lifelong scare and moved together to another town. Lori learned to be a better person.
Ana Rita Martins, 12.º C

António Sousa, 12. ºC

Friendship (amizade)...

I was innocent, naïve, I believed that everything was good, that everything was perfect.
But then I grew up and realized that everything I believed in was a total lie. I was betrayed by my best friend with who I thought I had a true friendship, a friendship that was going to last forever, now the trust has been destroyed.
I feel abandoned because she’s not by my side anymore. I’m afraid of starting new relationships. I have doubts, I feel confused and lost in this immense land.
Love, trust and good only exist in the world of fairytales, it’s an illusion.
Ester Lopes | 9.º A

There were two kids who attended Elementary together, one of them was very shy and he was always alone, his name was Peter. No one talked to him.
One day another kid came to the same school and he was also a bit shy. His name was Kyle. Kyle and Peter started to talk to each other and they became good friends. They continued on together throughout the school years. They were the best friends ever, they told each other everything.
When they went to High school, people started to make fun of Peter and called him names. Kyle didn’t want to be mocked, so he also started to make fun of Peter.
Peter was alone and he couldn’t handle it, so he killed himself. So sad!
Tiago Pereira | 9.º A
A Lost Friendship
Men and women have problems making the right friends. A friend is a person that we trust with our secrets and personal feelings. They are supposed to back us up when we are feeling down and when we need them most.
When a person is confused and thinks he has been betrayed by his friend, he is afraid and wonders about “not believing in friendship again”.
Our feelings tell us when something is wrong and then we are alone and afraid of being hurt again.
Hugo Cunha | 9.º B
Pay Attention
Some people trust and believe that everybody is perfect and no one betrays you. But it is a lie. Life isn’t the fairytale you imagine. Life is hard.
One day you are happy and another day you will be alone, confused and abandoned. And finally you will understand that some things go wrong in your life and all those good feelings disappear and you will be afraid and you will not trust anyone anymore and you will give up believing in people forever.
Tânia Fernandes | 9.º B
Friendship is a good thing because you feel love. You feel that it’s a true friendship when you can trust someone, you can believe and tell them everything, good or bad.
It’s someone you can talk to and you will not be judged. Someone who doesn’t say what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. It’s someone that makes you laugh and sometimes cry, because of a mistake you made, but always understands you.
When you lose a friend, it’s the worst feeling that you can feel, it’s like you feel lost, bad and you become confused, because in some friendships the person goes away and just doesn’t tell you the reason why. You feel abandoned, confused and you start to think “was it my mistake?” When you lose a friendship because of a stupid thing it is because the person doesn’t understand the meaning of friendship.
When you think you are in a good friendship but then the person trades you for another person, you feel like you have been betrayed. But everything will be O.K. Personally I never betrayed anyone, because I know how much it hurts.
Ana Daniela Barreiro | 9.º C
A long time ago there were two guys who had a very good friendship. One of them, Tom, had a girlfriend, Linda. But his friend Keane was only a friend of Tom’s to be closer to Linda, because he was in love with her.
 One day Keane declared his love to her and Linda left Tom without telling him anything. When Tom saw them together he became confused and disappointed.
Tom asked himself if it had all been a dream. But then he realized that it was all real and he became sad and alone. He felt abandoned and he learnt that friendships are not always true!
Alexandre Aguiar | 9.º C
A confused boy
There was once a boy who moved from England to Wales. He didn’t have lots of friends, so when he met Carlos, he thought Carlos was a true friend and he believed in this friendship.
But one day they had some homework to do and as Carlos liked to be the best student in the class, he lied to him and told him the wrong exercises to do for homework.
He trusted Carlos but when he discovered the truth, he felt a lot of different things: he felt like a fool who was abandoned and felt disappointed. He felt confused and didn’t know if he wanted new friends.
But Carlos understood what he had done and decided to ask for forgiveness. And he ended up forgiving Carlos and today they are real friends.
Pedro Varejão |9.º D
Friendship is very important, but only if it’s true.
We have to believe in each other. But when something goes wrong, we know we have lost a friendship, because we feel abandoned and feel like a fool. We feel sad and disappointed.
We need friends but when we lose a friend, we don’t know if we want a new one, because it is hard to trust another person again, we feel afraid.
We don’t need hours and hours to maintain a friendship, we only need to believe and trust each other.
Is it worth making new friends? Yes it is!!!
Ana Vieira |9.º D
Is it Worth it?
This Summer, I , Frederick Normando, met a girl, a special girl, not those girls we see every day in the streets, at least that was what I thought.
I began by getting to know her, adding her to my Facebook. We created a friendship and we spend hours talking to each other. I started to trust her more and more, we were beginning to be great friends. We started to date in real life. We went to dinner about ten times, but I was starting to suspect her behavior. Each dinner, I felt that she was “far away”, that she was there in person, but in her mind she was thinking of someone else.
 So one day, we went to dinner like usual, except that in the end, I didn’t go home. I followed her. She didn’t stop at her home, that was when I discovered that something was going badly, she took a taxi, and I took another. I said to the driver to follow her car. He stopped in front of the “Beverly Hills” hotel. I was shocked. That was when I saw a tall man with a black suit come out. I was officially betrayed. I felt a fool for believing in her; I felt bad and confused.
I was now asking myself, “Does friendship exist?” “Is it worth it?”
Francisco Cunha | 9.º E
We get close, but not close enough
They were great friends, and they had a nice friendship, they said the truth to each other. She was always by his side and so was he.
But one day all friendships end. He betrayed her trust. He knew someone new and he left her side. She felt a fool for believing in a person like that.
She asks herself if friendship exists, and her answer is “no”, she thinks that people only want to be with you when they need you.
“Was it worth making the effort to be with a person?” Sometimes, I think not, because some people don’t deserve it. Friendship is an easy word to write but a hard one to feel!
Rafaela Nóbrega | 9.º E
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