My Favourite Christmas...

On the day before Christmas, I asked my father what I would receive as a present. He said that I could ask for anything, but not too expensive.
I started thinking about a lot of possible presents, like a new computer, but that costs too much, so I thought of a Playstation 3, to play new games.
As I’m a good son, I went to my brother to give him a good idea. Let’s make our parents proud of us, together we could ask for only one present. The Playstation could be both of us. He didn’t like the idea, for he doesn’t like these types of machines. So I was lost, I didn’t know what to ask for as a present.
Santa Claus isn’t real to some people, not even to some children, and to others he’s just a myth. If Santa were real, what I really would like was a clone. So that was what I wished for.
On the 24th of December, at midnight, I went upstairs to see what was under the Christmas tree. But all I saw were chocolates. I felt bad at that moment, because I thought that I was the only boy who hadn’t got a present on Christmas Day. I went to bed not to cry, and I dreamt of my wish, of my clone.
I saw myself in front of me, and the first thing that the clone said, “Thanks for giving me life”. In the beginning, I freaked out a bit, but then I realized that it was me who had asked for my clone.
A thousand things flew through my head, like he could go to school instead of me or when he arrives home, we are going to play together. But like all dreams, it was soon over.
On Christmas morning, my mother asked me why I was so happy. I only answered, “Oh, it was just a dream, I had”. Maybe she thought I was I was going crazy, because my mother just ignored me to avoid getting into an argument with me. Then we went to my grandfather’s house, to spend Christmas Day with him as family.
When we arrived, the family traditions took place. My grandfather was already waiting for us. We had lunch and then we exchanged our presents. The day was coming to an end and my father was in a hurry to get back home.  Although the trip only took us half an hour, my mother was always warning my father about the icy road.
Little did I know but the best was still to come. My wish was going to come true. When I opened my bedroom door, I saw a person just like me. At that point, I wasn’t scared. I started a conversation with my clone. He knew so much about my life, that I was petrified. It was like he was inside my thoughts.
We soon became best of friends. As the years went by our friendship got stronger and we were never seen apart.
Every year we remember the Christmas we met. And it had been the Christmas I ever had, because not only did I get a present /a clone, but also a brother / a twin.
José Pinto, 11ºC

Serra da Estrela...

Serra de Estrela is a great place to visit. It’s located mostly in the district of Guarda and a small part, 15%, in the district of Castelo Branco.
The Park of Serra de Estrela is the largest protected area of Portugal. It is an important tourism attraction because of the grandeur of scenery, the existence of snow in winter time and because it’s the highest point of the Portuguese mainland.
The park has a temperate climate with cool springs, summers, and autumns. Due to the cold winters, there are snowfalls which can be intense. We can take advantage of this characteristic by playing in the snow, making snowmen, and many other activities, such as skiing.
In this mountain range, as in many other, we can do various activities related to Nature, or visit museums (the well-known Bread Museum). . If we follow the tour guides we can learn a lot about this beautiful mountain range. The flora is fantastic, we can highlight the variety of wild plants.
But the mountain also serves as a refuge to numerous animal species, such as the eagle, the fox, the equail, the mole and the otter. The wolves seem to have disappeared altogether. The famous Serra da Estrela Dogs, that protected the herds of sheep and goats, are still around.
The mountain cheese is the best-known product, although there are other hand made products, such as the honey, the sausages and the rye bread.
Come to the Serra the Estrela and try all these sensations and surprises the region has to offer!

Juliana 11.º B

The National Park of Peneda-Gerês...

The National Park of Peneda-Geres is the first protected area to be created in Portugal in 1971, it is the only national park and is located in Minho, being cut by two major rivers , the river Lima and the Cávado.

The National Park of Peneda-Geres is considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. And in addition to this, in 2010 it was rated as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

This Park is known for the richness of its beautiful landscapes, through mountains, high altitude plateaus, valleys, dams, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna that we want preserved. In terms of flora, the most characteristic species in the Park are the arbutus and several species of shrubs. In this environment of abundance water and forests, we find special wildlife. In the national park we can observe wild boars, deer, badgers, squirrels, wolves, horses.

Alongside of Peneda-Geres National Park’s 240 species of fauna identified in the territory, and of the 1100 species of flora, there are 500 historical and archaeological sites of interest. Because of this, the park has become one of the greatest natural attractions of Portugal. In addition to all the natural beauty, it is also an area of traditions and customs.

The Park is a symbol of harmony between man and nature and it is also one of the most popular holiday destinations in Portugal. Green and gray are the colors of Peneda-Gerês.

Come and discover these lovely places where we can make dreams come true and make imagination reality!

Cristiana - 11.º B


The Forgotten Christmas
In a small village, Dirina, the people didn’t believe in Santa Claus and in Christmas.
They didn’t put up the Christmas tree and they didn’t exchange presents with their family and friends.
But there was a boy, Peter, who believed in Christmas. He was a friend of … Santa Claus. Peter talked to his family but they didn’t believe him. He was heart-broken.
On the 24th of December, Peter talked with Santa Claus told him that nobody believed in him, in Peter’s village. Santa Claus promised he was going to visit the village.
Later…  when he appeared in Dirina, everyone believed in him and the Christmas spirit was alive again.
Diana Tavares, nr 8, 8ºD
Marina Alves, nr 16, 8ºD

Christmas Spirit
There was once a family that was very rich. And there was a poor boy who wanted to be part of this nice family on Christmas Eve. He didn’t have a family of his own to be with. But the rich family said “no” and closed the door in the poor boy’s face.
Two years later the rich family had some money problems and became poor. And ironically the poor boy was now a rich man.
The sad family asked the rich man if they could stay at his house to celebrate Christmas Eve. And the man said “yes”, because he was a good person and believed in the true Christmas Spirit!
António Lourenço, nr 4, 8ºD
Eduardo, nr 10, 8ºD

A Guardian Angel
A boy and his parents lived up in the mountains, in Canada. In Canada it snows a lot and it’s very cold, especially in the mountains.
One day the boy became sick because of the terrible cold and the family tried to find a hospital. But they lived so far away from everything that only with a lot of luck would they find the hospital.
Two days later, the boy condition was between life and death and they still hadn’t reached a hospital.
But the mother remembered, when she was a little girl, her grandmother told her, “our family has got a guardian angel and he protects our family”.
So the mother asked the angel to save her son. And believe it or not, the family immediately found the hospital.
The boy is alive and healthy because of the angel’s protection!
João Canadas, nr  13, 8ºD
Pedro Varejão, nr  19, 8ºD

A family has got two children. This family was very happy. But one day the children didn’t come home. The parents were very sad and couldn’t sleep.
The children were very small and they soon disappeared in the middle of the forest. The children found a house with a lot of lights. They knocked on the door and a man with a long beard opened the door. His name was Santa Claus.
The children entered, and in the house they saw a lot of presents. The house was very warm and they became comfortable there.
Then Santa Claus asked them why they were in the forest all alone. They explained that they were lost.
Santa Claus said “I will take you home!” The two children smiled and said “thanks!”
This family lived happily together for the rest of their lives!
André Batista, nr 3, 8º D

A Special Christmas Night
On Christmas Eve you couldn’t find anyone on the streets. The people were in their houses with their families. But, unfortunately, there was an old man sitting alone, feeling very cold and hungry in the street. He didn’t have a family, he didn’t have friends, he was alone in the world on Christmas Eve.
Suddenly, he saw a person with food and a cloak for him. The man said, “thank you”, and felt very happy.
It’s so great to know there are good persons in the world. This person had a big heart and helped people who didn’t have a family.
Ana Vieira, nr 1, 8ºD
Ana Rita Pinto, nr 2, 8ºD
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