My Favourite Christmas...

On the day before Christmas, I asked my father what I would receive as a present. He said that I could ask for anything, but not too expensive.
I started thinking about a lot of possible presents, like a new computer, but that costs too much, so I thought of a Playstation 3, to play new games.
As I’m a good son, I went to my brother to give him a good idea. Let’s make our parents proud of us, together we could ask for only one present. The Playstation could be both of us. He didn’t like the idea, for he doesn’t like these types of machines. So I was lost, I didn’t know what to ask for as a present.
Santa Claus isn’t real to some people, not even to some children, and to others he’s just a myth. If Santa were real, what I really would like was a clone. So that was what I wished for.
On the 24th of December, at midnight, I went upstairs to see what was under the Christmas tree. But all I saw were chocolates. I felt bad at that moment, because I thought that I was the only boy who hadn’t got a present on Christmas Day. I went to bed not to cry, and I dreamt of my wish, of my clone.
I saw myself in front of me, and the first thing that the clone said, “Thanks for giving me life”. In the beginning, I freaked out a bit, but then I realized that it was me who had asked for my clone.
A thousand things flew through my head, like he could go to school instead of me or when he arrives home, we are going to play together. But like all dreams, it was soon over.
On Christmas morning, my mother asked me why I was so happy. I only answered, “Oh, it was just a dream, I had”. Maybe she thought I was I was going crazy, because my mother just ignored me to avoid getting into an argument with me. Then we went to my grandfather’s house, to spend Christmas Day with him as family.
When we arrived, the family traditions took place. My grandfather was already waiting for us. We had lunch and then we exchanged our presents. The day was coming to an end and my father was in a hurry to get back home.  Although the trip only took us half an hour, my mother was always warning my father about the icy road.
Little did I know but the best was still to come. My wish was going to come true. When I opened my bedroom door, I saw a person just like me. At that point, I wasn’t scared. I started a conversation with my clone. He knew so much about my life, that I was petrified. It was like he was inside my thoughts.
We soon became best of friends. As the years went by our friendship got stronger and we were never seen apart.
Every year we remember the Christmas we met. And it had been the Christmas I ever had, because not only did I get a present /a clone, but also a brother / a twin.
José Pinto, 11ºC

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