The National Park of Peneda-Gerês...

The National Park of Peneda-Geres is the first protected area to be created in Portugal in 1971, it is the only national park and is located in Minho, being cut by two major rivers , the river Lima and the Cávado.

The National Park of Peneda-Geres is considered by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. And in addition to this, in 2010 it was rated as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

This Park is known for the richness of its beautiful landscapes, through mountains, high altitude plateaus, valleys, dams, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna that we want preserved. In terms of flora, the most characteristic species in the Park are the arbutus and several species of shrubs. In this environment of abundance water and forests, we find special wildlife. In the national park we can observe wild boars, deer, badgers, squirrels, wolves, horses.

Alongside of Peneda-Geres National Park’s 240 species of fauna identified in the territory, and of the 1100 species of flora, there are 500 historical and archaeological sites of interest. Because of this, the park has become one of the greatest natural attractions of Portugal. In addition to all the natural beauty, it is also an area of traditions and customs.

The Park is a symbol of harmony between man and nature and it is also one of the most popular holiday destinations in Portugal. Green and gray are the colors of Peneda-Gerês.

Come and discover these lovely places where we can make dreams come true and make imagination reality!

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