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Serra de Estrela is a great place to visit. It’s located mostly in the district of Guarda and a small part, 15%, in the district of Castelo Branco.
The Park of Serra de Estrela is the largest protected area of Portugal. It is an important tourism attraction because of the grandeur of scenery, the existence of snow in winter time and because it’s the highest point of the Portuguese mainland.
The park has a temperate climate with cool springs, summers, and autumns. Due to the cold winters, there are snowfalls which can be intense. We can take advantage of this characteristic by playing in the snow, making snowmen, and many other activities, such as skiing.
In this mountain range, as in many other, we can do various activities related to Nature, or visit museums (the well-known Bread Museum). . If we follow the tour guides we can learn a lot about this beautiful mountain range. The flora is fantastic, we can highlight the variety of wild plants.
But the mountain also serves as a refuge to numerous animal species, such as the eagle, the fox, the equail, the mole and the otter. The wolves seem to have disappeared altogether. The famous Serra da Estrela Dogs, that protected the herds of sheep and goats, are still around.
The mountain cheese is the best-known product, although there are other hand made products, such as the honey, the sausages and the rye bread.
Come to the Serra the Estrela and try all these sensations and surprises the region has to offer!

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