The Environment

D - Hello Antunes, how are you?
A - Hello Diogo, I am not fine…
D - Why? What happened, my friend?
A - People don’t care about the Earth! It’s really getting dirty.
D - Yes, I know that, but don’t be so sad… I think we can do something to help!
A - Yes?! What?!
D - I think we can create a school project to help the environment, let’s get all our friends together. We could start cleaning the streets around the school!
A - That’s a a good idea, but that’s not enough, is it?!
D - I know it isn’t, but if each one of us does a bit, the world will be a better place in the future.
A - Yes, you’re right! In my opinion we can also make posters about helping the environment and put them up in the streets. That way people can see the harm they are doing to our planet Earth.
D - Ok, let’s start now!
José Diogo Silva - José Miguel Antunes | 8.º E

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