The Media/Technology

B - Hello, did you see the news?
A - No, I didn’t! Did you?
M - Yes, I did. It was an interesting documentary about teenagers and technology. Let’s talk about it. What do you think about teenagers nowadays?
I think that teenagers have an obsession with technology, they are always with their smartphones and computers and sometimes they don’t have time for their friends and family.
B - For me, I don’t think that teenagers are so focused on technology, but sometimes they can be a bit annoying with that.
Talking about opinions, what media do you prefer?
A - I prefer the radio, because I love music and I can listen to a lot of songs and to all types of music. I can also listen to the news and other useful information.
M - TV is also my favourite media, because I like watching films, series and other programmes very much.
B - The internet is also great, because I love talking to my friends, playing games and having access to a lot of information.
A - I was thinking of seeing a movie. Would you like to go with me?
B - Yes, and what about you, Mary?
M - Sure! What film are we going to see?
A - We will decide there. Let’s go!

José Diogo Silva - José Miguel Antunes | 8.º E

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