My life

I have been playing games since I was 4 years old and that is my biggest love. My father used to play them with me all the time but one day he got real sick and a few weeks after going to the hospital he died. My mother loved my father with all of her heart and losing him was the most complicated thing in her life, so she decided that moving to another city would be better for both of us.
We moved to a big city named Candelion but I never liked the city nor the people that lived there, so at the age of 15 I quit school and since then I have been playing online games 24/7.
I keep playing day after day hoping I can get first place in the world top scores. I started skipping some meals and sometimes I don’t even sleep for days. Once I reached first place I was extremely happy but because of the lack of sleep and the fact that I skipped some meals I ended up in a coma for 3 days.
When I woke up in hospital I had difficulties moving, but I noticed a boy my age, probably 18, sitting in a corner sleeping. He had such beautiful black hair, pale skin, and judging by the state of his hands I could tell he played videogames just like me. I went over to him and when I was 2 cm away from him he woke up and smiled to me: “Hey my name is Zeref, I am a big fan of yours and I have been watching some of your games. I would like you to join my team. You are really amazing.”
I never felt so good in my life, hearing someone saying they loved what I did was just wonderful.
I agreed to join the team, and I regret nothing! Zeref is amazing, I have fallen in love with him but I can’t tell him that because in our world love between people of the same gender is forbidden. Many centuries ago it was allowed, but after The Purges it was outlawed.
Once again here I am 3 days without sleeping. We have been training really hard for the competition and I can’t let Zeref down. I will do this for him and maybe after this I will quit competing because I am afraid of ending up really sick. I am the only person my mother has left and I won’t let anything make her suffer again.
If we win I will finally confess to him, no matter what he thinks. If I have to break the rules to be with him so be it, there is no stopping me now.

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