Becoming Independent - Applying for a Job...

I´m interested in the full-time job as travel agent with your company.
I´ve worked with another company before, but it was always a part-time job, this is my very first time wanting to work full-time.
I would like to have a 3 year contract, if that was possible, currently I live in California but I would like to move to England for this job.
I have a lot of strengths:
-I talk 5 languages;
-I´m very friendly with customers;
-I´m very fast at serving the clients;
-And I know how to react in case of emergency.
I think this is the project job for me, and if you like my application, you can put me on try for a day or two and see if you like the way I work.
I can be contacted by e-mail at: or by telephone on: (+351) 941146645.

Anne Rafael

Ana Rafaela | 9.º D


I’m interested in the part-time job in your animal shelter during the Easter holidays.
I have some experience with animals and I love taking care of them. In fact, I have five cats and two dogs. I had a job in a local shopping centre. I worked in an animal shop where I gave them food and washed some dogs.
I also have some experience as a dolphin trainer and I won a contest last year. I worked in the zoo for 6 months. These experiences taught me to work with a larger variety of animals.
I can be contacted by email at: or by telephone on 953 222 014.


Joana Nat

Joana Natário | 9.º D

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