Racism: Silence is the Greater Sin...

Racism is everywhere. Even kids are racist; they judge the ones who are different. But there are still some communities that live together where everyone is equal.
Racism isn´t born with us, it is taught by adults and the society, they stablish who is superior by the colour and culture of a person. Schools as a source of knowledge should educate the children with the fact that there is only one race, the human race. However, the history of human race is badly taught, black people are described as slaves and the white as the rich and better people. This fight isn´t finished, there are still many things to do and even worse is that racism seems to be increasing with public demonstrations, in football stadiums and in other places.
Silence is not a defence, our attitude should be to fight back, make noise, make people notice this problem. We talk about the good and about what the human race has accomplished, however we forget the bad; we shouldn´t tolerate this problem. Football and other sports should bring people together and make them forget their physical differences.
It is disappointing that racism is still alive and strong. It´s been around for centuries and it doesn´t seem to end. We talk about the globalization of technologies but we forget the human globalization, the respect everyone deserves even if they are different from us. Everyone has a different background but in the end we are all human, we are all the same. We should break the silence and help end racism.

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