Our world

Afonso Fraga | 9.º B

Chaos, destruction, death.
That was all there was. When they said that we would be the last generation to walk on Earth, I never imagined this. Underwater prisons! That was their solution!
For generation the human kind has been slowly destroying Earth.
Our daily lives are filled with heat waves, freezing storms and terrible droughts, all in the same day. Earthquakes and hurricanes are so common that sometimes we just stop worrying. And the worst of all is that we are not just killing ourselves, we are bringing all the life on Earth with us. Because of our greediness the other living beings are suffering. Well, at least the ones that are left.
All the water on rivers and lakes is poisoned, leaving us with artificial water and food to drink and eat. We cannot live like this anymore. Three quarters of the Earth surface is underwater and the rest is constantly being attacked by natural disasters. 85% of human kind has disappeared. And now, the ones that are left are going to be kept underwater, while the Earth heals itself.
Can you believe it?! We are the ones that mess up and the Earth is the one that has to heal itself!
They are sending us to «protected underwater homes», so they call it. They are going to lock us underwater, where they say it’s safer.  We are going to live like prisoners for the rest of our lives. And even the next generation will still not be able to see the sun, because pollution will not go away that soon.
They say that we are going to have fresh water, fresh air and natural food, everything that we need to have a much better life.
For me, that’s nonsense. I’ve heard too many stories to know how this ends. They only want us down there so that we can work for them. So we can produce all those things that «we’ll» need.
I cannot live like that. There is no way I’m going down there. Of course it will be better, I’ll have a better chance to survive, but I prefer risking my life being free up here than being a slave down there.
I have to escape. Right now.
I’m in the middle of a crowd and we are being led down a long dirty corridor that will take us to the entrance of the submarine. There are not many guards around, I mean, who would want to escape from a better future?
Apparently me.
In the end of the corridor I can see two doors: one to the right, leading to the submarine, and the other to the right, leading to... who knows.
I’ll know.
I reached the corner and prayed to whatever was still up there to give me luck. I gave one more step and started running. A few seconds later I sensed someone coming after me.
I kept on running, turning in every corner but after a while I realised that I was going nowhere.
Suddenly, when I turned one last time to the left, I quickly stopped.
In front of me were about six or seven guards, all looking the same. I turned around to start running again another guard was right behind me. He grabbed me by the arm, stopping me from escaping. The strangest of all was that none of them spoke, so my heavy breathing was the only thing that you could hear in those empty halls.
Two guards then led me down the path that I had just come from. But then I noticed, the guards had a weird code on their coats. They all started with the letters CLO and finished with a number, like 670.
CLO-670. Clones. They were clones. That explains their behaviour. But how could that be possible?! We were told that the resources for cloning had run out long ago.
There is definitely more to what they are telling us.
I tried to get myself free but they were just too strong. After a few turns we came across a body, on the ground, half naked. When we came closer, I noticed he was one of the guards, unconscious without his cloths.
The other two clones didn’t even blink. We just kept on going. But... out of nowhere I was pulled closer to the guard on the right, while the other was pushed away by a kick. He hit the wall and fell to the ground.
I turned around to face a black haired guard. But it was truly not a guard.
He took off his helmet and without saying a word grabbed my hand and together we started running once more. Running, in hope that we could find a better life. It was useless, but we didn’t know that back then. 
 Cristina Pires | 11.º C

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