Selfies and Time-Lapse Videos

Nowadays taking selfies is a very common habit among teenagers and even adults. Selfies are pictures you take of yourself, you can just keep them or post them on your social network like Facebook or Instagram. Time-lapse videos have also become more popular, because many teenagers and adults have started to make them of themselves or their children. In my opinion, selfies are important and bring us some good things, however they may also have negative effects on people’s lives.
Selfies are fun, they create memories of moments that we will enjoy to remembering later. I can tell by my personal experience that we have a good time taking selfies with family and friends or just by ourselves, for example, on snapchat you´re able to create some really cool effects for your selfies and then save them and share them. On the other hand, selfies are dangerous, because some people get  addicted to them and they basically take a selfie every 5 minutes and some of them are unappropriate which can lead to cyberbullying and pedofilia among other things. And while you are taking selfies you may also hurt yourself, for example, you go to a beautiful place like a mountain or so, and you might fall if you do not take caution.
Hugo Cornellier started as a teenager ( nowadays a young adult ) and he created a time-lapse video with selfies he took everyday for 7 years. I love his project, because I think that memories are one of the most important  things in life. With his project,  he and his family and friends, and now everybody in general  are able to watch the video on youtube and see how much he has grown and changed. These kind of projects are amazing, because they show you how you were when you were younger, they remind you about your childhood. I would love to do a project like that, but I don’t believe I would ever be able to, simply because I’m kind of lazy and I would just forget or not be willing to take any more pictures.
Technology became a necessary tool not only for teens but also for adults and even small kids. And even though it may have some bad aspects, it’s a fundamental asset for the development of our generation and for our lives.

Sandra Costa | 9.º B

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