Cinderella – The Real Story...

Ilustração |Ana Nobre - Marta Real | 8.º B

I have known the Prince since I was a child.
When my stepmother asked me to buy bread, we used to meet and we played at the playground behind the palace, so that no one could see us together.
Sixteen years have passed and we continue to keep our secret friendship. If people found out, they would start making up stories and talk about what they don’t know.
One afternoon, when I met the Prince again, he showed up nervous and weird but I did not give any attention to it, until the moment he read out a beautiful poem to me and said the famous expression: I love you. He made me the luckiest woman of all and day by day I loved him more. The day of the ball came and the people were invited. The Prince and I pretended not to know each other, but this time it was different, we agreed on a strategy: he would invite me to dance and we would be there all night until midnight, when I would have disappear and drop one of my shoes on the stairs. He would say he would only marry the owner of that shoe.
The next morning, the guards of the Prince started looking for the owner of the shoe. Every ting had gone well! I showed myself surprised in the presence of my sisters and said the shoe was mine.
Later, the reacted so well to this situation and the Prince and I got married.
This story I have just told you, yes this, is the true story of a love no one thought to be possible. But now, please, promise me you will make this story our own secret!

Patrícia Sampaio | 8.º B

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