What would have happened if Cinderella hadn’t lost her shoe on the way out of the ball?

After the ball in the Palace, Cinderella went home. On the way back home, she wasremembering every moment of the ball after she met the Prince.
When she got home, her stepmother and her half-sisters were standing in front of the door and Cinderella trembled when she looked at their faces. Suddenly the stepmother said, “How could you do this? Run away from home and dance with the Prince? How dare you?” Cinderella was petrified! As punishment, her stepmother locked her in a room where no one could find her.
The Prince started looking for Cinderella through the whole Kingdom. Obviously, he couldn’t find her. Everybody was saying she was missing.
Months later, the Prince met a beautiful young girl. As Cinderella was gone, he thought it would be better to marry that girl. He was devastated, but he realised that maybe things were meant to be that way. Cinderella’s life was about to become even worse. It’s sad, I know, but she spent the rest of her days trapped in that room thinking about her miserable life.

Filipa Rodrigues - 8.º B 

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