From the 50s to the 70s...

In the 50s, the general rule was moving from place to place, living and feeling freedom by leaving confusion or war behind and enjoying life without problems. They were of a generation of hipsters whose brains were focused on peace throughout humanity.

Then in the 60s, girls began to use short clothes, for example, skirts became shorter and shorter, and this caused some trouble, for some men said that the miniskirts were sexual provocation. But most women didn’t see them that way, but as an instrument of liberation. Later came photography and a lot of people fell in love with it, because they could record hundreds of details and make history. In the business sector, art became powerful. Advertisement and other publicity showed up in the streets and created art movements and new styles.

In the 70s, music became a force that defended some movements and manifestations in which people fought for their rights.
Rafael Machado - Paulo Ferreira | 12.º C
Ilustração | Carolina Morais | 9.º G
The 50s were a decade of revolution. After the end of the Second World War, people, especially some minorities like women, homosexuals and negros, were unhappy with the lack of equality and the inexistence of rights. Due to this, the oppressed tried to make a point by revolting themselves and fighting for a better life.

The 60s followed the previous decade in terms of beliefs. More and more people were discontent with their governments, with social injustices or with the Vietnam War. And so they came up with a counterculture movement whose aim was bringing freedom and equality to all. This hunger for change was also shown in art. Artists expressed their feelings about society through it. The 60s were also a decade marked by the use of psychedelic drugs and sexual liberty.

The 70s were the decade of punk-rock. This punk attitude created some new expressions that were commonly used like “far out”, “check ya later” or “mellow out”.

Rita Lopes - Sara Diniz | 12.º C

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