Countryside vs City...

Diogo - Hi, Pedro!
Pedro - Hi, how are you?
Diogo - I’m fine, thanks.
Pedro - So, do you like our city?
Diogo - Yes, I do. But there is lot of pollution here.
Pedro - That’s true.  But I can’t imagine what the countryside is like!?!?!?
Diogo - Well, it’s really relaxing and you know everyone.
Pedro - Wow, that’s cool! Do you have any cinemas in your village?
Diogo - No, I don’t. But people can walk to the nearest one. It’s not very far and that way you do exercise.
Pedro - Well. Another thing I don’t like here is the crime.
Diogo - There’s no crime in the countryside. Everyone is friendly.
Pedro - Here we have a lot of shopping centres and facilities.
Diogo - I can only go to the convenience shops in the village, but there’s everything I need.
Pedro - I would also love to know all my neighbours.
Pedro Silva - Diogo Santos | 7.º B

Ana - Hi. What’s your name?
Sofia - Hi. I’m Sofia. And you?
Ana - I’m Ana. Are you from this village?
Sofia - No, I live in the city.
Ana - I hate living in the city!
Sofia - Why do you hate living in the city?
Ana - I hate the noise, the crowds, going shopping and the pollution. I prefer the countryside.
Sofia - I love living in the city. I love going shopping and all the other facilities in the city. Why do you prefer the countryside?
Ana - It’s more peaceful than the city and it has got a lot of fresh air.
Sofia - I like the fresh air and the scenery, but the countryside is very silent and I like noise.
Ana - I like some things in the city like the cinemas, the theaters and going out with my friends.
Sofia - I like the countryside, but I don’t see myself moving to this town. The city is more my style.
 Ana Margarida Nunes - Sofia Lopes | 7.º B || Ilustrações | Carolina Morais | 9.º G

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